• Our Story

    Our Story
    Boomastudio is founded by a team who share a passion for photography and videography. With over 15 years of experience they have developed an easier way to edit photos and videos for you. We want to share the love of photography and videography with you in providing a service accommodated just for you. We come from different backgrounds and style and hope to integrate...
  • What's Video LUTs ?

    What's Video LUTs ?
    In computer science, a lookup table is an array that replaces runtime computation with a simpler array indexing operation. The savings in terms of processing time can be significant, since retrieving a value from memory is often faster than undergoing an "expensive" computation or input/output operation.
  • What's Lightroom Presets ?

    What's Lightroom Presets ?
    A preset is a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a certain look or style of your photo. With just one click on a preset, your photo can be altered to have a film look or to achieve the tones you desired.
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